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Buffalo 300-L

Machine voor het snel en automatisch openen, vullen en sluiten van voorgevormde zakken zoals stazakken, flat bottom zakken, 3 en 4 side seal zakken, spuitzakken, enzovoort. 
Snelheid: 12-20 zakken / minuut.

How it works:

A pneumatic arm with suckers catches one of the bags from the charger, by means of venturi effect (1). Then, it places it in the filling position (2). The bag is opened (3) and filling can start, as a signal is sent to filling machine (4). When filling is done, the sealbars close (5) and once the bag is sealed, they open and the bag falls onto an exit conveyor (6).


Additional funnel
Machine comes standard with one funnel which is related to given bagsize. If another bagsize is filled on the machine which is much smaller or bigger you might need another funnel to keep up speed in filling process.

Grip seal
Additional jaws who clamps the bag around the funnel when filling process starts in order to achieve as less product in the air with powder products.

Zipper opening application
Special device which opens the zipper before funnel enters the bag. (see video)

Output conveyor
Filled bag drops onto this conveyor which will transport it away to for instance rotating packaging table.

Heavy bag assist
A table that comes under the bag just before filling to prevent the bag from deforming and fall during filling weight above 1,5 kg.

Product Vibrator
Vibrating motor connected on funnel for better product flow on sticky products.

Single or dubble head linear scale
Separate weighing machine which doses the product before dropping into the funnel of the bagger. This machine communicates with the Buffalo so it drops and doses automatically.

Levertijd: ongeveer 4 weken
Garantie: 12 maanden

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