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Medi weigher with bag clamp (max. 5kg)

  • Art.nr.: 1480-Medi weger
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Medi weigher with vibration channel and bag clamp (max. 5kg)

Weigher equipped with a vibration channel and bag clamp. Perfect to weigh your product straight into your bag.

Products: Large range of free flowing goods (like; powders and small granulates like instant tea).


 Technical specifications:


  1150 x 1000 x 1800 MM

  (WxDxH - medium frame)


  Until max.5kg

 Power supply;

  230 Vac, 50 Hz. (single phase) and

  compressed air



-          P.L.C. controlled and easy to operate

-          A solid constructed frame

-          Compact dimensions

-          Deliverable in various models

-          Stainless steel frame



A weighing installation to weigh semi automatically, all free flow goods e.g. in condition of powder,  granulates or other small pieces in bags. The installation is built in a Stainless steel frame, equipped with an FMC vibration motor, a stainless steel vibration channel, product supply hopper and a dosing hopper with bag clamp.

When the supply hopper is filled with product, the product is dosed by means of an vibration channel right into the bag. 

A keyboard with digital display controls the weighing cycle of the machine. The product is dosed into the bag in two stages (pre-dosing & fine dosing) which separately can be set.

After the set point weight is reached vibration channel stops .

The construction of this machine makes it possible to fill most of the  free flowing  products. But also chemical / pharmaceutical products and other food and non-food products can be filled.

The weighing system can be synchronized with packing machines or conveyor belts.

Extra options:

Pneumatic closing valve for fine dosing, closes when pre-dosing has reached his set point and close the gutter for about 80% (depending of your product). To get a better net weight result, if you want to weigh products that are big or heavy, per piece. Price is incl. adjustment of the PLC program.

-          Pneumatic closing valve Price : € 840,--

-          Extra stainless steel Bag clamp hopper, bag width up to 200mm :  €    595,--

-          Extra stainless steel Bag clamp hopper, bag width up to 300mm : €    745,--

-          Extra stainless steel Bag clamp hopper, bag width up to 500mm : €    895,--

-          A set of adjustable Dust exhaust pipes (1 x left & 1 x right)  : €    420,-

-          Transparent dust cover over bag clamp hopper and vibrator  :  € 1.080,--


Delivery time: approx. 2 weeks
Delivery: Ex works
For more info call direct our machine department. T: +316 129 917 80

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